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Shaft seal

The Masto shaft seal is a patented product. It was developed because the existing shaft seals couldn’t do the job. The existing shaft seals have a short life span, resulting in dust leakage and severe wear on shaft and bearings.

Masto shaft seals are used on slow going shaft, ae screwconveyors, for preventing leakages of such difficult materials as silica carbide, silica powder, fine stone dust and other abrasive materials.

Here are som advantages:

  • works with dry and wet materials
  • keeps the seal tight even with a bend and worn shaft
  • long life span (10 years in Elkem’s baghousefilters)
  • eliminates dust leakage thereby improving the indoor environment
  • reduces maintenance costs
  • no wear on the shaft and bearings
  • easy to install
  • no after adjustments or maintenance

Masto shaft seals are specially designed to follow the shaft roation. The shaft seal is easy to assemble, and there is no need for adjustments or maintenance. After several years of use, Elkem (the world’s largest ferroalloy producer) claims, its the only shaft seal that will work under tough conditions.

Masto shaft seals are supplied according to customers specifications.

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