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Technical info

The Masto Lubricator extends the wirerope life. It can use a wide range of lubricants but higher viscosity products are recommended. Oil or liquid will disappear very fast from the rope. Masto saves lubricant and time, and minimises spillage.
NB! Do not use any biumastic/asphaltic lubricants as this is useless. To obtain penetration this must be cleaned off by a solvent such as whitspirit. Contact us for lubricant advice.


The air supply to the pump should be 7-8 bar.The complete Masto system consists of: – Hig pressure pump with flow controlvalve, ballvalve, drumcover, flow control value, folower plate, 9 ft. of flexible hose.

– Masto Lubricating chamber.
– 2 length of ancor chains.

Lubricators are delivered as standard in aluminium.

The Masto Lubricator comes in two models, and they are both light in weight.

Model MWL 4/35 mm dia.
– weights 8 lbs. (3,6 kg)
– This model cover wirerope diameters from ø 4mm up to even ø 35mm (1.3/8″)

Model MWL 36/77 mm dia.
– weights 13 lbs. (5,9 kg)
– This model cover wirerope diameters from ø 36mm up to even ø 77mm (3″)

A lubricator for larger wire rope diameters are available upon request.


Masto seals are very durable. A set of seals can lubricate approximately 9000 – 12000 ft. (3000 – 4000 m) of wire rope. 

Model MWL 4/35 mm dia.
– seals set for this model come in 17 diameters.
Model MWL 36/77 mm dia.
– seals set for this model come in 15 diamterers.
NB! A given seal size only works with one rope diameter, and must fit tightly around the wire rope to achive good results. When ordering seals, please measure the wire rope exactly best by hand (measuregauge) since it may reduce in diameter after a periode in service. New ropes might be larger than the manual says.

Seals will ordinarily clean the rope surface satisfactorily. Masto cleans and lubricates wireropes internally and forcing out water, old lubricant and dirt in one operation.