Some references from our customers in the marine field

Thenamaris Ships Management, GR
Atlantic Bulk Carries, GR
Ceres Hellenic Shipping, GR
Chandris, GR
Minerva Marine Ltd. GR
Glemary Maritime Inc, GR
V-Ships, UK
Mol Thankship Management, UK
Norbulk Shipping, UK
John Laing, UK
Euro Ship Services Ltd, UK
Mobil Shipping, UK
Shell International Shipping, UK
P & O Ferry Master, UK
Northern Marine, UK
Rockwater, UK
The Royal Navy, UK
Teekay Shipping Canada Ltd, CA
Maersk, DK
Tschudi & Eitzen International, DK
A.P. Möller, DK
Stena Line, S
Johnson Shipmanagement, S
Lundquist Rederierna, FIN
MacGregor Navire, FIN
Fortum Oil & Gas, FIN
NSB MbH & Co KG, D
Reederei Brise Hamburg, D
Phoenix Reederei, D
Reederei Ernst Jacob Flensburg, D
Columbus Shipmanagement, D
V-Ships, D
Department of Transportation, AUS
Barber Shipmanagement, UAE
Vela International, UAE
International Tankers Management, UAE
Kuwait Oil Tankers, Kuwait
Aramco Oil Co, Saudi Arabia
Waha Oil Co, Libya
V-Ships, SW
Crystal Cruises, US
Western Geophysical, US
Stolt Comex Seaway, US
Sonsub, US
Tyco Submarine Systems, US
Wallem Shipmanagement, US
Lasco Shipping, US
LMS Shipmanagement Inc, US
Universe Thankships Inc, US
Great White Fleet, US
V-Ships, US
Naviera F. Tapias, ES
Erati Shipping Company, IM
Pan Ocean Shipping, KR
Cosco Quindao Ocean Shipping, CN
V-Ships, GN
SMT Shipmanagement, CY
Columbia Shipmanagement, CY
Uniteam Marine Ltd, CY
Unicom Management Services Ltd, CY
Athena Marine, CY
Intership Navigation, CY
Reederei “Nord” Klaus E. Oldendorff Ltd, CY
Hanseatic Shipping, CY
Neptune Shipmanagement, Sing
Nyk Shipmanagement, Sing
Mol Thankship Management, Sing
V-Ships, Sing
Thome Shipmanagement, Sing
Pacific Tankers, Sing

Tschudi & Eitzen Sembawang Shipsmanagement Pte, Sing
World Wide Shipping Agency, Sing
IMC Shipping Co. PTE. Ltd. Sing
RCCL Shipmanagement, Sing
Eagle Shipmanagement PTE Ltd, Sing
PACC Shipmanagement, Sing
Aboitz Jebsen, MAN
Frontline, N
Ugland Marine Service, N
Interocean Ugland Management, N
Ugland Nordic Shipping, N
V-Ships, N
IUM Shipmanagement, N
Fred Olsen Lines, N
Sverre Farstad Co, N
Sigvald Bergesen, N
Rasmussen Shipping, N
Bergesen D.Y, N
Stolt Comex, N
Rieber Shipping AS, N
K/S Stad Seaforth Shipping, N
The Royal Norwegian Navy, N
Nordic American Shipping, N
Leif Høeg & Co. A/S, N
Team Shipmanagement, N
Wilh. Wilhelmsen, N
Troms Fylke Dampskipselskap, N
Westfall Larsen, N
Nexcans Kabel Norway, N
Green Chartering AS, N
Norwegian Cruise Line, N
Smith Fleet Services, NL
Confidence Shipmanagement, NL
Wallem Shipmanagement, HK
Anglo Eastern, HK
General Maritime Management, PG

Some references from our customers in the industry field

A&L Underground, US
Bridon International / Certex, UK
Environmental Resources LTD, Trinidad
Grupo Industrial ITME, US
Holte Manufacturing, US
Kvaerner, N
Magnum Transportation, US
Mercedes Benz, D
National Oilwell N-US (Hydralift)
Norske Hydro. N
Norwegian Army
NVE Clair Power Supply, UK
Panama Canal
Scanrope UK
Stewart & Stevenson, US
Stottert & pitt, UK
Texas Department of Transportation, US
Thyssen Kruppstahlunion, GER
Wirerope Industries, CAN

Some references from our customers in the offshore field:

Amerada Hess, US
Amoco, US
AS Norske Shell
Boa Offshore
Bourbon Offshore
British Gas
British Petroleum, UK
Canyon Offshore, US
Cap Dive
Ceanic, US
Chevron, US
Citgo Petroleum Corpoation, US
Columbia Gulf Transmission,
Conflexip Stena Offshore
Diamond Offshore Drilling
DOF Management
DSND Offshore, N
ELF Italiana
Exxon Mobil
Geco N
Globale Marine Drilling, US
Haliburton Sub Sea
InterResources, US
J. Ray Mcdermott Middle East INC
Maersk Drilling, DK
Mc Dermott Subsea. S., N
Mobil Oil, UK
Oceaneering, N
Oshkosh, US
Petrobras, BR
R&B Falcon, US
Robotic Systems Inc. US
Rockwater, UK
Shell Offshore, US
Steawert & Stevenson, US
Stena Offshore
Stolt Comex Seaway
Subsea 7
Sun Sub, US
Swire Pacific Offshore
Transocean US
Tyco Submarine Systems, US
Western Geophysical, US
Wilh. Wilhelmsen, N

Bergwerk Prosper-Haniel, GER
Inco Limited, Thompson, Manitoba, CAN
Løkken gruber, N
Sodimitsa Bp Mines, ZA
State Gold Mines, GH
Store Norske Spitsbergen, N
Wheal Jane Tin Mine Cornwall, UK